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Comment on a teaching idea: ESL Video Quiz.

I found a very interesting website on this link: http://www.ESLvideo.com/
It works with videos in order to teach English as a Foreign Language mainly, in a motivating way.

First of all, you can check the Criteria that a website should contain in order to be successful.
  • free sign-up                                                                                                         (There should not be a fee to pay to use this website)
  • user friendly; good structure                                                                      (A clear and accessible structure, attractive for users)
  • not too much advertising; no inappropriate ads and links            (No distractions and inadequate ads or links)
  • age appropriate; appropriate language at different levels             (It should be focused on different levels or ages)
  • educational background                                                                              (The main aim would be to teach through this website)
  • reliable                                                                                                                 (A secure website with data confidentiality)
  • save and publish work                                                                                   (The work prepared should be easily saved and have                                                                                                                                         the added option to publish it via the internet)
  • up to date                                                                                                            (The website would be much more useful if it deals with                                                                                                                                     current information)

Keeping the above criteria in mind I chose this website in order to teach English.

In order to get started with this fantastic website I will mention that it has many functions.
The main function of www.ESLvideo.com is the possibility of watching videos on a wide range topics, from videoclips to daily routines, passing through trailers, etc.

This is a nice and smart way to get pupils involved because they can watch something they are interested in. After watching this video they would have to answer questions about this through a quiz. This way they will improve their listening comprehension. Apart from that they could check transcripts and notes from the video, as additional information. 
We can see how the quiz works from the preview screenshot and video below.
Something to mention is that the website also has the option of creating quizzes and recieving the result students get after them. I think a good idea would be a quiz created by the teacher. A quiz created by a teacher would focus on the important aspect he/she wants to deal with in the classroom. It would be accomplished by watching a video and answering the quiz, each student in his/her own computer, as I explained before. At the end of this activity students will be able to send the score to the teacher by adding a code, just after finishing the quiz.

* You can watch how easy it is to create a quiz on the video below:
To get more information about how to send quizzes to your students or to receive their quizzes results click on here: http://www.eslvideo.com/eslvideo_how_to.php
There are four levels that enable you to learn at the level suitable to you and work at your own pace. They are:
Beginning; Low-Intermediate; Intermediate; High-Intermediate. There are also some quizzes that are focused on listening, everyday English, vocabulary, etc. If you focus your attention on the screenshot you will find it under the menu of Levels.
You notice how easy and accessible the website is by having a look at the screenshot below as well:
Finally, you can observe in the picture above that there are some tabs called Contact and Study English Online! The first one contains a form in which you can ask something you may be interested in. The second one offers free courses to learn English.

Taking into account all the information available on this website it can be very useful because it contains so many alternatives to learn through watching videos, and not only that, it also provides links and free courses to study English.

Personally, I would use www.ESLvideo.com in my classes. Using it in a nice way to make pupils pay attention as I mentioned before, and furthermore, I would use it to make them familiar with this website and with all the links that this provides.
I think all that they can find on this website would be good to learn English, such as free courses, links to grammar pages, vocabulary pages, etc.

As a teacher I would grade it and I would encourage them to do it and send me the score. They will be learning, having fun and feeling that they will have a better score in the course.

* These links are very interesting. They possess much information about how New Media can be used to teach English and there you will find links to websites or tools to work with:

http://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/about/my-best-of-series/ (It provides a lot of links and information to interesting                                                                                                                                                 and useful websites)

http://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/2007/12/22/the-best-web-20-applications-for-eslefl-learners-2007/ (It belongs to the same author as the link before and here we will find much information and websites to know more about Web 2.0, which deals with this online resources)

http://www1.teachertube.com/ (Website where we can find a lot of videos concerning to learning process)