E-Portfolio Jorge G. Aparicio

Delicious: The most popular bookmark website in                           the world

Delicious is a bookmark website in which we can save all our bookmarks and we can organize them by tags and bundles.
I often use bookmarks and I had lots of them in my browser, so it was sometimes difficult to find the one I wanted.  Because of this, I really liked this tool. We can find it in this link: http://www.delicious.com/

But it also has many more functions. 
Through this website I have the possibility to access to my bookmarks from any computer with internet access, I can share my bookmarks and check other's bookmarks as well, and we can follow other people in order to check their bookmarks out whenever we want. And finally, we can search anything we are interested in and we would find a lot of results.

To conclude, thanks to this website I can find the bookmark I am looking for quickly, either one of my bookmarks or bookmarks from other people in which I am interested.

In my opinion, I think it is the best tool to find something and to have all our bookmarks saved on the internet in order to use them from any computer with internet access. Here we have a screenshot which shows the easy way to use it and on the bottom there is a video as well.
Using Bundles is easy.  We can organize the tags in folders that we create. For example, I have created one folder called Education, another one called Wordclouds and one more called Learning English.  This is an efficient way to find what you want in two clicks. Additionally, there are some tutorials that can always help, and here we have the one I watched in my New Media Class.