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Interview about New Media Equipment   

This part of the website deals with New Media Equipment in the Classroom.
It shows the experience of one spanish assistant with New Media in his school.

He is working in Salisbury as a teacher so he can tell us about what and how New Media Equipment is used in order to teach
spanish in an english classroom.

Clicking on the video below you will be able to watch and listen to this interesting interview.
You also have the possibility of reading this interview as you listen to it.
Futhermore you can download the conversation on the bottom of the video.

Interview about New Media in the classroom

Jorge: Hello, my name is Jorge and I would like to ask you some questions about New Media Equipment. Can you tell me something about you?

Alonso: Hello, my name is Alonso and I am the Spanish assistant at Bishop Wordworth’s School, Salisbury, England.

Jorge: Interesting, are you familiar with New Media? Do you use it in the classroom?

Alonso: Yes, I am. I usually use them for presentations. I always use them in the classroom, except when the students have to do some exercises on the computer. In that case, we all go to the ICT room, where there are many computers and students may have one computer for each one.

Jorge: What kind of New Media Equipment do you use in the classroom?

Alonso: I always use the computer and the electronic smartboard. Well, I use the projector to see the computer screen on the smartboard. I can manage the computer on the smartboard focusing in the students. I sometimes make presentations with powerpoint about topics the students have to work with.

Jorge: When do you use them?

Alonso: I use them for Spanish. I cannot tell you about the others teachers. However, it is not very different. Teachers in England get involved with New Media Equipment very easily. In my case, I teach from year 9 (where the students are 14 years old) to year 13 (where the students are 17/18 years old). I use them to show some details about some topics. For instance, I have prepared a few presentations about Easter, Christmas or my own school in Spain.

Jorge: Do you think they are useful or not?

Alonso: Yes, they definitely are. It is a fantastic way to show the pupils what they have to learn. Everything is easier; the teacher does not have to write on the old blackboard. He or she has to read or review the details of the lesson. In my opinion, students are more motivated because they do not receive the lesson like before. It is different, and this makes them put attention.

Jorge: Which New Media Equipment is your favorite tool in order to teach something in the school?

Alonso: I think the best one is the smarboard. The teacher can manage the lesson perfectly, he or she can show whatever he wants. The smartboard has got many functions and the teacher can use all of them in a few seconds. It is very useful. However, in my opinion, I think the best way to teach is the teacher’s method. The equipment is just a resource that may help to teach. Anyway, technology is doing something very good for education and we are taking the most of it in our job.

Jorge: Well, thank you very much for this interview. I really enjoyed it and I hope you enjoyed it as well, it was nice to know a little more about how New Media Equipment is useful for or used in the school, thank you very much.

Alonso: Thanks to you. Bye!
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