E-Portfolio Jorge G. Aparicio

   Netvibes: The online Desktop

Especially this first one, called Netvibes, really drew my attention. I did not realize it existed until now. With this first screenshot we realize how many resources this website has.

We can find this tool on its website:  http://www.netvibes.com/
and we can  also work with this tool online in our browser, which means that we have access to this from any computer with internet access.

Let me tell you my impression about Netvibes.  This website is a desktop from which we can access our hotmail, network websites, bookmarks and many others applications such as radioplayers, calendars, youtube, etc. All on the same page of our browser! We can just have a look on the page and we will be able to check if we have a new e-mail, or message on either  twitter or facebook, news, dictionaries... all you could need. I really like this tool and its efficiency and speed in my normal tasks.