E-Portfolio Jorge G. Aparicio

Twitter: An efficient Network website to stay in touch with other people´s knowledge

Some of you could wonder whether  Twitter is a tool or not, and why.
Well, it is. If you use it as a tool it will be.

First of all, this is the link to Twitter: http://twitter.com/

Let me explain: Twitter is a social network. This means that Twitter is connected
to a lot of people through the internet. In this website everybody types and shows his/her status,
which is a series of short sentences composed of 140 words, not too much and not too little.

How can we use it to support our learning?

We can use Twitter as a tool in which we can share interesting things, for example
about learning English as a Foreign Language in this case.

We also have the possibility of sending messages to people and of following them to check what they "tweet",
which means what they type on their status.

Additionally, this status can contain links to other websites, making the search
of what we are reading about fast and comfortable.

We have futher information about how to teach throught Twitter in this link: